Proposed ban on the continued use of horses for horse and carriage rides in Central Park

The controversy continues with the group managing the park opposing the loss of the horses whilst an Irish actor is criticised for supporting the use of horses.

Mayor de Blasio wants to use electric cars instead and calls the use of horses for carriage rides 'inhumane and cruel'.

Central Park is 778 acres of green space and horses have been worked there for a very long time.

There is a petition to sign <<click here>>

As I wrote in my paper, "The Future",

"We work our horses in the public eye of an increasingly urban population, some of whom will oppose the working of draught animals. This is an increasing threat to our profession. To counteract this and to increase effectiveness and efficiency, we need to continue to develop, analyse and improve what we do and how we do it. We need to be able to demonstrate that we work our horses well and kindly. We need to challenge the widely held notion that the word 'welfare' means poor treatment, mis treatment or even cruelty. The word 'welfare' needs to be reclaimed by us, the experts in high standards of welfare, to also mean beneficial ways of managing and treating horses. Any welfare improvements, whether they be in equipment, harness, nutrition, veterinary care or work systems, will lead to increased efficiency and productivity over a longer working life as well as greater public acceptability."

















Living horse power is cheap and readily available. We can breed horses, without limit, without endangering the planet.We know a lot about them and how to use them. They can pull things for us, carry us, help support our society, feed it and enable it to function. They can do so far better than they did in the past if we take advantage of some of the technical advances made in agriculture and machinery design. They can be fed from our fields. They don't destroy the environment but enhance it. They create employment, not replace it. They are a source of companionship in the workplace, a source of pride and pleasure when seen to be working to perfection in harmony with man and his surrounding. Why on earth don't we use them?

Charlie Pinney. 2003.