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The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation

Laurent Perrier Champagne


17th May 2014

Hosted by Daylesford Organics at Kingham, Gloucestershire, as part of their 'Summer Festival'


The Homesteader preparing the ground


Cultivating in the polytunnel

A team of four on the ride on plough


A new marque to identify products produced using working horses


For information about our horticultural demonstrations in 2012 click <<here>>




Living horse power is cheap and readily available. We can breed horses, without limit, without endangering the planet.We know a lot about them and how to use them. They can pull things for us, carry us, help support our society, feed it and enable it to function. They can do so far better than they did in the past if we take advantage of some of the technical advances made in agriculture and machinery design. They can be fed from our fields. They don't destroy the environment but enhance it. They create employment, not replace it. They are a source of companionship in the workplace, a source of pride and pleasure when seen to be working to perfection in harmony with man and his surrounding. Why on earth don't we use them?

Charlie Pinney. 2003.

Three abreast on the disc harrow

A single horse cultivating