Living horse power is cheap and readily available. We can breed horses, without limit, without endangering the planet.We know a lot about them and how to use them. They can pull things for us, carry us, help support our society, feed it and enable it to function. They can do so far better than they did in the past if we take advantage of some of the technical advances made in agriculture and machinery design. They can be fed from our fields. They don't destroy the environment but enhance it. They create employment, not replace it. They are a source of companionship in the workplace, a source of pride and pleasure when seen to be working to perfection in harmony with man and his surrounding. Why on earth don't we use them?

Charlie Pinney. 2003.

The British Festival of the Working Horse: Sponsorship benefits

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Did you know?

- 28% of the UK population have an active interest in horses (excluding racing)
- There are 4.3 million frequent riders in the UK
- There are over 1.3 million horses privately owned in the UK
- Horse owners and riders spend more than £4 billion on their sport each year
People who own a horse are five times more likely to own a dog making the BFotWH an excellent platform from which to promote pet brands
Equestrian sports are one of only three sports at the Olympics where men and women compete on equal terms

- Working Horses are enjoying a strong revival and are increasingly used in all areas of work, especially in forestry

- Working Horses are increasingly seen as 'energy animals', an environmentally friendly source of 'alternative power'. Horses can be reproduced ecologically, require no more than grass (fuelled by water and sunlight) and can be seen as genuine renewable sources of energy along with wind and solar power.

- Exciting competition and innovative displays means there is truly something for everyone

If you would like to know more about sponsorship and wish to discuss a personalised sponsorship package

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or write to Doug at: Hill Farm, Bosbury, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 1HE, United Kingdom.

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HRH The Prince of Wales is Patron of the British Festival of the Working Horse.

Please add your support to his by emailing Doug Joiner

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All sponsors are recognised as valuable contributors to The British Festival of the Working Horse and we are able to provide a wide range of sponsorship packages to suit your individual needs

The link for sponsors would be with the British Festival of the Working Horse whose Patron is HRH The Prince of Wales.

Sponsors would have a high profile sponsorship package, subject to the amount of sponsorship. The support would be announced on the web site and at events.

There would be opportunities for banners, acknowledgement in any show programmes, literature and brochures as well as extensive media coverage before, during and after the events.

Additional benefits can include;
Opportunities to sponsor and present prizes
Press and Media facilities

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